Solar Stock Tank
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Solar Heated Water Trough For Horses  - 25 & 42 Gal Models - Ships in 2 to 3 weeks
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Will NOT freeze even when livestock, don't drink. Easy accessible water for Livestock, even in ice and snow conditions.Keeps water cool and algae free in summer. Closed system helps stop West Nile Virus,other diseases and bird droppings . The 42 Gallon & 25 gallon BT Sun Tank, is very versatile as you can fill with a garden hose or have a direct line attached with auto fill and shut off float to keep full. Also all auto valve units can be manually filled until hooked up to a water line. This is a perfect alternative ways to heat a stock water tank! This is a winter must have when needing a heated water trough for livestock!

"I used the 42 gallon BT suntank solar water trough for 18 years with temperatures down to 50 below. It's built to last! The best waterer I ever used! There is always water for livestock 
instead of ice. Using it year around, it keeps water cool in the summertime, and stays clean with no algae. Electric or fuel bills! I used a 25 gallon trough last winter and it works as great as the big one!"  
~ Arnell G.,

"I purchased a 42 gallon BT suntank unit for my horse to use. It supplies as much heated water  as she needs to keep her healthy and colic free. The Sun tanks gave me peace of mind all winter, especially on stormy cold nights, keeping water available 24 hours a day. Now all my friends with horses want one!"
~ Edie W.,
Solar Stock
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